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9:15AM 11:00Am to resume feb 6

We are excited to finally start our in-person services and we are so excited to host you. Much work has gone into considering as much as we can to make the in-person services a space where you can fellowship with each other and with God in this unique season.

TEMPORARY SCHEDULE: January 30, 2022 - We will have 1 English

in-person worship service at 9:15am. Be sure to use the links below to register you and/or your family.

Alternatively, you can register through the Church Center App (available through Android and Apple App Stores).


church online


As we return to in-person services, we are going to continue to have a strong online presence through Greenbelt Online. If you are part of our congregation, not currently living in Ottawa, or if you choose to worship from home, you can still join us online for our hosted service at 9:15 AM on Sunday morning, or every 2 hours after that.


church online - 9:15AM

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Your generous donations help us continue the work that we are doing, and have a tangible impact in our community and our city!