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We are thoroughly enjoying this season in which we get to increasingly gather in person for our weekly worship services.

As an increasing number of restrictions are eased across our province and city, we are no longer requiring registration for our in-person services at 839 Shefford road.

Instead we are asking that all attendees use personal discretion as to their personal decisions. And we are imploring everybody to be gracious and kind and to respect each other's decisions in this season.


church online


We continue to have a strong online presence through Greenbelt Online. If you are part of our congregation, not currently living in Ottawa, or if you choose to worship from home, you can join us online for our hosted service at

9:15 AM on Sunday morning, and every 2 hours after that.


church online - 9:15AM

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Your generous donations help us continue the work that we are doing, and have a tangible impact in our community and our city!